Test & Tag – Its The Law!

Cleaning Edge Solutions is proud to introduce Test Tag Edge, a testing and tagging service we are offering our customers for greater convenience with our goal of providing you a One Stop Shop solution for all your property requirements. Have you considered whether the powerboard you use under your desk is safe to use? Do you know how old it is? What about the office computers, have you checked when they were last tested and tagged? Do you have electrical plug in items or power tools in your office, on your worksite or in your factory or warehouse that need to be Tested and Tagged? Are you aware that WorkSafe is inspecting a workplace every 12 minutes?

Not only could you be exposed to hefty fines for non compliance, you could be placing you and your staff in danger. It is a legal requirement under the WorkSafe act to have many of your plug in and non fixed electrical equipment tested and tagged on a regular basis. WorkSafe Victoria are now actively enforcing the standard set out by Safe Work Australia for testing and tagging of all plug in and non fixed electrical equipment. you can find a copy of that code here. Under the Victorian OHS Act (2004) all employers have a legal obligation to ensure that their workplace is safe and poses no risk to the health of their workers. Employers are required to identify whether there are any hazards associated with electrical equipment, assess those risks and take meaures to eliminate or control them.

The Australian New Zealand Standard AS/NZS3760 In-Service Safety Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment specifies procedures for the safety inspection and testing of low voltage single phase and polyphase electrical equipment, connected to the electrical supply by a flexible cord or connecting device, and that

  1. Is new equipment placed into service for the first time;
  2. Is already in-service;
  3. Has been serviced or repaired;
  4. Is returning to service from a second-hand sale; or
  5. Is available for hire.

We have obtained the information in this article from the OHS Reps at Work website which has a great guide to understaning your obligations with regard to Test and Tagging. You can check out the full article here, it’s an important read and contains informaton that all workplaces need to know.

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